People Live Without The Five Senses

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Every day around the world, people live without one of the five senses that others often take for granted. These five senses would include: the sense of touch, hearing, taste, eyesight, and smell. Occasionally, people lose certain senses as they begin to grow older, or have possibly endured a traumatic experience at some period within their life. Many elderly people live without the sense of sight or hearing. Those who have experienced severe burns or frostbite, or nerve damage, can possibly lose their sense of touch. Other traumatic experiences, deformation as a child, or major sinus infection problems can cause one to be without their sense of smell. One who has their tongue cut or severely burned may also lose their sense of taste. Many would be left very distraught if they were to lose one of these very valuable aspects in their life. However, it is very common for humans to have the misconception that bad things …show more content…
As most of us know, it can be a very difficult task to improve one’s health. However, if I were without sense of taste, I would use this as an advantage to eat healthy foods, in which most find unappealing and lacking taste. For example, instead of reaching for the chocolate bar with 120 calories, I would reach for the carrot with very minimal calories. While I would normally want the chocolate, I would never be able to taste it, therefore, making the chocolate an equivalent of a carrot in terms of taste. This would make it much easier for me to indulge in healthier decisions in regards to eating. Through renovating my diet from junk food and sweets to vegetables and fruits I would be able to overall transform my body in a positive way. This could lead to many benefits in the near and far future, such as heart, diabetes, and blood pressure. While this transition may be very hard, it would a have a great benefit to my body and my

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