Essay on Peering Through the Curtain

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Jeane Paul
Enc 1011
Kristen Clanton
17 October 2012
Peering Through the Curtain
Although today’s teens look very much as their predecessors did in 1977, they could not be more different. In physical appearance there is little difference although many of today’s teens are altering their appearance through the use of tooth whitening systems, colored contacts, hair extensions and some teens even going so far as to have plastic surgery to fix the things they do not like about themselves. Peer pressure, low self- esteem and the pressure from social media seems to be causing teens to strive for a physical perfection that can never be achieved. But the most profound changes are those not visible. The rapid growth of technology is behind
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Technology has created perfect people. They have perfect hair, skin and bodies. The only problem is “they” do not exist. Models are only as perfect as their plastic surgeons, hairdressers and makeup artists make them. And technology has enabled magazines to create even more perfect people. Magazine covers are photo shopped to the point where the real person is sometimes unrecognizable. The teens of 1977 were able to emulate the cover girls by copying their makeup and hair. The teen of 2012 cannot possibly achieve the cover girl’s look because it only exists within the computer generated image. The negative effects of this unrealistic and unattainable beauty on a teenager’s vulnerable psyche can only be imagined. There is a constant bombardment on television, internet and magazines of how wonderful your life would be if you were handsome or beautiful. There are even websites where a teen can post photos of themselves and other teens label them as hot or not. The teenager is a very vulnerable creature and crazy fluctuating hormones coupled with low self-esteem and peer pressure can be a deadly mixture. As helpful as the internet can be for gathering information for school or business it can also be deadly. Consider the causes where cyber bullying has caused teen victims to take their own lives. Although bullying was certainly a problem in 1977 it was

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