The Event That Changed My Life

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What if one single event could change your life forever? What would you do? Imagine being taken from your parents at a young age. Imagine being separated from your siblings when they are all you have left. Also having to live in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable. I guess you can say that having to pay for your parents mistakes can be unfair.
Being taken into foster care was the event that changed my life forever. My beliefs before actually experiencing this were, how could you let your children suffer through that? I did not believe in making kids suffer. I was sixteen years old, and a sophomore in high school. Having to go to school every day, and walking past people that knew your situation was embarrassing. I slowly became
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I didn’t like my foster home. Can you imagine living with complete strangers? Going through all I was, I didn’t speak to them much. They weren’t my parents so why should I talk to them? They were weird to me. I didn’t feel comfortable being around them one bit. They were church going everyday kind of people, and I wasn’t grown up in that type of environment. It was different for me because I am homosexual. They also didn’t believe in that. Every day they would criticize homosexuals, and it really started to bother me. Having to hide who I am everyday was difficult to deal with. Constantly I was telling my social worker to get me out of there. Finally, after about 3 months, she found me a new home. That foster home was okay. They never really bothered me. Also they knew about my sexuality, and didn’t have a problem with it. Being in my second foster care home didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Although I was still struggling with a lot of things, they were really nice and made me feel welcomed. While I was in foster care I was told my sister tried to commit suicide. I felt like I was responsible because I wasn’t there to help her. My foster parents had to closely watch me because I couldn’t stop crying and I became depressed worse than I already was. I questioned my life. Why me? Why me god? I never got the answers. I was closed in my room most of the time. I didn’t socialize with my new foster parents much. I went to school,

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