Pearl Earrings Reflection

We are to watch the movie, “A Girl with a Pearl Earrings”, by the director Peter Weber, that was filmed in 2003. The movie is based on Johannes Vermeer, the famous artist’s life and what is the story behind his painting of the girl with the pearl earrings. The movie is quit modest with the way it presented that period of time with the way they dressed to the way they spoke. It also focused of how art was important, precious and a luxury to attain. It addresses the tough life of people that suffer living problem such as, money, are treated and looked down on. However, they upperclass pity there conditions and take them in. One of the main aspects of this movie is the old-fashioned depictions of a maid's sufferings and duties and the formal …show more content…
Vermeer’s wife got furious when her young daughter told her about the pearl earrings that Griet gave back to the mother-in-law, as she was suffering insecurity. She started asking Vermeer about everything, the relationship between him and the maid, and that she demanded to see the painting too. The wife got mad when she saw the painting of Griet wearing her pearl earrings and wanted to destroy it. Eventually, Vermeer protected the painting and the wife dismissed Griet from the house. Usually, Vermeer tends to protect his servant, Griet, however he is prepared to use Griet’s body and feelings, for money as Vermeer at that time had financial issues. Aside from all the drama that the painting caused between the servant amd her masters, the painting got a lot of like due to the emphasis of the women that burst out due to the dark background. The painting “A Girl with a Pearl Earrings” was inspired by the baroque and 17th century Dutch golden age. As we can see the exotic dress/costume, oriental turban and pearl earrings. Vermeer used some layering with paint, impasto, on the collar that is popping out of the garment. And, the choice of color for the painting was successful and

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