Paypal Essay

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The purpose of this report is to give an overview of how Paypal manages their online base system. Founded in December1998, Paypal became one of the world’s largest internet based payment system. It is an online electronic payment system where consumers can use to buy and sell goods and services online and making payments. Users can set up an account with just an email address. With this, a user is able to transfer cash from peer to peer without using any credit cards; just bank transfer. A notification will be issued once transaction is done.

Firm Infrastructure
As part of global expansion, Paypal entered NASDAQ to attract investors priced at $13 per share. With this, it had attracted bigger companies and soon a giant
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As part of the system, Paypal uses cookies to allow information to be stored in the system so that whenever the user uses Paypal to make purchases, they do not have to enter their information each time they use Paypal. However, there has been some issues with regards to using cookies whereby users do not enable them when using Paypal. So to ensure that cookies are permanently being enabled, Paypal is developing a new system that ensure cookies are enabled at the start of every purchase.

In 2015, Paypal announced that they had moved their database to Openstack. Openstack is a database system that could hold massive information for businesses like Paypal. Paypal holds 162 million of customer’s information, transactions and communications
(Babcock, 2015). With the success in transferring the information to a new technology, Paypal is able to create new applications such as Java with will further enhance the technology (Shivananda, 2015).

Using a web based system, Paypal uses Http server to process information around the world and with many transactions happening every day, Paypal ensures that security to protect their consumers are heavily guarded. By staying vigilant against possible attacks on their web base system, Paypal provides online protection to buyers by encouraging them to sign up for the protection scheme in case their goods did not arrive at the

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