Compare And Contrast Cash And Credit Cards

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Cash vs. Credit
Credit cards are cards given by the banks that are used for buying goods and services, and also offering credit services. Credit cards are being used as an alternative to cash, something that has come up as a result of technological changes. On the other hand, cash is the use of liquid money for shopping or buying of product. This is usually the money at hand that is used for shopping. People have different opinions about both, and different people have different preferences when it comes to money and cash. Although both of them have the same uses, they also have their similarities and differences. Both using cash and cards have their similarities regarding making payments, but they have their differences especially in their advantages and disadvantages, the form in which they are used, and the extent to
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One may be attracted to some product at a store somewhere and end up purchasing it only because they have some money in their pocket. This is similar to cards where people spend a lot without noticing because they can't see the money they are using. However, they can also control their spending through obtaining bank statements to monitor how they use their money. This is the same case with cash users who notice when they are spending more than planned since they can see how much they use.
Cash and credit have their benefits and disadvantages. However, most of the people, as well as shopping stores, are changing to use of cards because they are seen as more beneficial and convenient as compared to cash. Due to the changing technology people may stop using money in the future as it’s being used now. This may take longer time, but the use of cash will reduce as compared to recent times. However, the use of money or credit should be left to the people to decide on what best they feel comfortable

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