Pay For Performance Incentive Program Analysis

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As pressures stand, organizations are obligated to consider plans and policies that will help them become more productive and efficient. When implementing a pay for the performance awards program, you must first categorize the levels of employees, by the goals and expectation of the organization. While many factors impact upon this effectiveness, specific awards will be offered for each goal and expectation, whether it is monetary or other rewards. Considering the need to remain competitive, innovative compensation strategies such as incentive programs are often developed in an attempt to align individual for reporting behavior such as sexual harassment and other threatening issues. However HR plans to take steps to maintain equity
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I currently work for TricorBraun, how the employees are categorized by how long you been with the company and you employees level management or non-management. The goal and expectation for each employee is determined in your salary letter. If all goals and expectation is meet at the time of your assessment, you will receive the pay for performance incentive award which is up to 20 percent of your salary, not including you annual raise that is 5 percent of you salary. However to be consider for the pay for performance incentive program, you cannot have any verbal or written warnings within three months of your evaluation. If so you will only receive the annual rise and not the pay for performance incentive reward. The details of the awards are different for each employee’s goal and expectation. Whether it is monetary or another type of reward, Milkovich, Newman and Gerhart (2011) define “gainsharing as a plan that focuses on group, plan, department or division results and is designed to capitalize on the untapped knowledge of …show more content…
So there is no retaliation on the victim. This can become a threatening situation for the victim and the employer. However, making sure the employees are working in a safe environment, we have e-learning every month on sexual harassment, how to recognize and how to report it. TricorBraun sexual harassment policy if violated you are terminated immediately. The Human Resources department will takes the proper steps to maintain equity and fairness amongst all employees. Although incentive rewards programs are another way to encourage workplace safety. But TricorBraun does not off an incentive for any behavior that breaks the rules of the organization put in a legal bind. Research according to Snell & Bohlander (2013) has shown that employee’ understand the pay equity, or inequity, can have dramatic effects on their motivation for both work behavior, efficiency and management must develop a pay incentive that are both internally and externally equitable (Snell & Bohlander, 2013, p.400). However in this manner HR will work with employees who feel the program is unfair or incongruous for their professional and personal needs. According to Snell & Bohlander (2013) there are three kinds of pay equity, external equity people in similar jobs compare themselves to others, internal equity people compare themselves to peers, and individual equity people compare themselves to others in the same job (p.409).

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