Pawpaw Grandmother

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Mawmaw was born in St Louis County in a strongly Catholic home. Her mother was the typical housewife. All who knew my great grandma could only say good things about her. One Christmas, before I was born, my mother went up to St Louis to celebrate the holidays with my father’s family, and my great grandma was not expecting her. While passing out the gifts, Mom, (my great grandma’s name to all the kids and grandkids), realized that she didn’t have a gift for my mom. So she quickly grabbed a decretive snowman in her home and gave it to my mom as a present so that my mom felt included in the family. That was just the type of person my great grandmother was.
My great grandfather, Pop, however, was the complete opposite. He was short-tempered and
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She became a full time teacher but stopped in 1981 to take care of my Pawpaw’s dad when he was diagnosed with cancer. When my dad was twelve, her neighbor dragged Mawmaw to a prayer meeting that changed her life forever. She came home and told Pawpaw “They do this funny language but I really liked it.” (She was talking about praying in tongues). Ever since then, she changed the way she parented. She put God first and tried her best to raise her kids that way. She started her ministry shortly after. Her husband was a salesman who traveled a lot, so it was mostly just her and her boys. She told me the secret to a happy family was to always yield to God. Never put your own needs above your families. She told me “you must die to your flesh in order to be truly blessed and happy.” “We talk about friendship” If you really want to know my Mawmaw, you need to know about her ministry partner/best friend James Lay. They were an unlikely pair. James was a black man a few years her senior with the patience of Job. The two met in 1993 at a prison workhouse, and without a doubt my grandmother knows it was a divine connection.
James was the most giving, loving man anyone will ever have the pleasure of knowing. He never had much of anything, but if you asked him for it he would give you the shirt off his back. My family was so blessed just by knowing him. He came to Thanksgivings

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