Paul Bernardo And Karla Homolka Case Study

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In order to fully understand a serial killer and murderer, one must be able to examine them personally. We must be able to look into their past and see what shaped them into who they are as a person. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were a married couple that committed heinous crimes together. They would kidnap girls before raping them, and often times, killing them together. Paul was a serial rapist before meeting Karla. However, none of his victims were found dead before her. He was the rapist, but she was the one that pulled the trigger, metaphorically. What made them this way? In the case of this couple, there were many crucial points in their lives that caused them to become the hardened individuals that we know them to be today. Whether these …show more content…
Especially if the individual has psychological disorders that enable them to have no empathy for anyone else around them and you are an individual who can not fathom this phenomenon. The idea of an individual being a psychopath is not easily understood by those who are not. In the case of Paul and Karla it is hard to agree with the choices that were made in regards to how the sentencing played out were in any way justice. The sentences for individuals who both were masterminds behind all of the crimes were definitely not equitable. When delving deeper into the backstory of these hardened criminals it is not difficult to see how they both ended up being kidnappers, rapists, and murderers. The issue that will always eat at the citizens of Canada is, was Paul really the one in charge of making all of the plans or was it really his “poor innocent wife” that was “forced” to do it. This idea is the reason behind why this case is one of the most controversial cases in Canadian

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