Patients With End Stage Renal Failure Essay

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Total number of 37 patients had met the inclusion criteria of which 7 were excluded (4 patients with end-stage renal failure, 2 patients included in another trial and one patient with poor prognosis). The remaining 30 patients randomly assigned to NE or AVP group. Patients were all entered the study within the first 12 hours of septic shock. Patients’ data were all collected during the first 48 hours following enrolment.
Patients’ demographic data are depicted in Table 1. Demographic and clinical variables between the two groups before randomization were not different (Table 1). In the first 48 hours of the study 6 patients in NE group and 2 patients in AVP group died (p =0.099). Severity of illness in both groups was high based on SAPS II score of 56.5 in NE group and 53.4 in AVP group. Moreover procalcitonin levels at baseline were comparable between groups (7.9 vs 5.2, p = 0.52).
Although heart rate in AVP group were significantly lower than NE group at 24 and 48 hours, SBP and MAP were higher only after 24 hours, but not at 48 hours. CVP in both groups were comparable during the study.
Infusion rate of AVP was constant but NE infusion rate changed during the study and it was significantly lower in AVP group. At 24 hours it was 13.1 mcg/min in NE group vs. 5.5 mcg/min in AVP group (p < 0.001) and at 48 hour it was 6.5 mcg/min in NE group vs. 3.9 mcg/min in AVP group (p = 0.045).
ICU mortality (NE vs. AVP: 53.3% vs. 46.7% days, p = 0.456), 28-day mortality (NE vs.…

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