Narrative Essay On Sober Living Home

time. I have been living this process for the last ten years and unfortunately I have been introduced in the incorrect way of helping someone with this disease.
This world is full of people who want to make a fortune regardless of what they do to earn it. In Orange County there are many people who do this with rehab facilities and all places related. My brother started smoking marijuana at the age of 13. It seemed like he smoked for a month and as soon as he desired something stronger he started stealing hydrocodone. Back then my father was going through cancer treatment and didn 't even think that his medication could be compromised. When my parents finally realized what was going on my brother very quickly turned them against me, saying
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This 5’6 110 pound child got physical with my sister and myself. I feared for my mother and my sister and needed him out of the house. Sending him to a new rehab helped until he turned 18 and walked out. He never wanted to be sober and that is the main issue, you cannot force someone to do something. He has been sent to a sober living home in Costa Mesa where he currently resides. They charge an outrageous amount to house him and the 11 others who live in his four bedroom house. My mother gave up following up on drug tests because it was obvious that wasn’t a priority for the sober living home. There are an unbelieveable amount of sober living houses in Orange County and many have been in trouble with authorities due to overcrowding. To most houses it is business and more about keeping rent coming then keeping the kids sober. My brother is on his third sober living home due to his actions at the past two. My mother finally passed away and would be beside herself to see how he has fallen again. This will be a struggle for years until he realizes he wants a normal life. He is my brother and I want what 's best for him but he has isolated himself, stolen, cheated, lied, and even stole medication from my mother when she needed them

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