Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay

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The nursing profession can reflect on one pivotal moment in 2010 that will influence the future in all dimensions of advanced nursing for years to come. This world changing moment was the signing of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Also known as the Affordable Care Act. The signing of this statue was the beginning of change in health care in our country. For the first time since the implementation of Medicare in 1965 many Americans were eligible for affordable health care. How this act would change the future of nursing, let’s look at my nursing vision for improving care for my patients / clients. The problems of doctors and medical provider’s shortages for many patients in the United States and other countries is a well-known fact. Many research studies and programs have documented this problem. The introduction of the affordable care act was a monumental task that was critical to providing health care to all citizens, however it further taxed this fragile system due to shortages. Wyatt (2013). How do you correct this problem? My solution is the Advanced Nurse Practioners (ANPs). The Institute of Medicine Report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, Predicts that the nursing profession will play a pivotal role in the advancing health care (wyatt, 2013) . There are several key messages in this report that will affect how successful the role of APN will be in the future. The first is scope of practice, many…

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