Undocumented Immigration Essay

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Insuring the Uninsured: Where Should Undocumented Immigrants Stand
The United States has maintained a tolerate-hate relationship with undocumented immigrants, and really immigrants in general. According to Pedraza and Rumbaut (1996) history has shown that their presence is necessary for economic development, especially in the labor workforce that has remained undesirable to native residents. However as Hilfinger-Messias, McEwen, and Boyle (2015) explain, more often then not when immigrants become increasingly visible in society nativism resurfaces exclusionary tendencies, and immigration policies become increasingly prohibitive and strict, especially when the U.S. economy is unstable. Even with regulations restricting illegal immigration Pedraza
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6). Subsequently, the economic status, language barriers, and inadequate knowledge of American health systems and laws leave a large portion of undocumented immigrants unable to obtain health insurance and care, which substantially increases this populations vulnerability for poor health outcomes (Edwards, 2014). Proponents for insuring undocumented immigrants (Edwards, 2014, McGuire, 2015; Jerome-D’Emilia & Suplee, 2012; Hilfinger-Messias, McEwen, Boyle; 2015) argue that the health status for the U.S. would improve and vulnerable populations would be cared for. Cynic’s main contentions involve the fiscal implications in increasingly unstable economic times (FAIR, 2009; Edwards, 2010). Thus, the United States is left at an impasse on whether or not to insure undocumented …show more content…
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