Pastoral Services : Pastoral Care Essay

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Pastoral Presence Pastoral care involves the presence of God in a relationship. Pastoral care also involves not just what you know, but also what you are. Christian faith affirms God presence with us, knowing that God hears us wherever we are. Christian faith affirms God’s presence with us, God’s remembering, and hearing us wherever we are, (Patton, 21). One must remember that regardless of the situation that may be going on at the present time, God is forever with us. Pastoral care involves praying to be the best represented possible, realizing that what you are, enables you to challenge change. One must have the willingness to get out of their comfort zone of familiarity, to a state of challenging difficult situations. As being one that gives pastoral care, I understand that I have the opportunity to re-present the presence of God to the one that is being cared for in through a particular kind of relationship. In order to be more effective of how I re-present God in a relationship through pastoral care, I realize that I am representing more than myself and I must be sensitive to the feelings of the one receiving care, (Patton, 22). When ministering pastoral care, I realize that it requires pastoral wisdom, patience, and acceptance. When dealing with others and their situation, it is important to be aware of what you are experiencing in pastoral relationship. Making sure that what you have experienced in your life that was very painful, doesn’t affect what is being talked…

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