Persuasive Essay On How To Get A Trophy

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Imagine someone showed up to every soccer practice, doing nothing each time, just so they could get a participation trophy. When actually, they didn’t really want it anymore because they felt as though they had accomplished nothing. If everyone gets a trophy, there is little motivation to work hard, and to get better. This is a problem throughout the entire world and many kids are getting trophies for merely showing up. Not everyone who participates during an activity should get a trophy because its expensive, it misleads kid about life, and it doesn’t give hard workers proper recognition.

First of all, handing out a trophy to everyone on a sports team, for every season, adds up to a lot of unappreciated money spent. In the article, “ Losing
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While it may be true that giving out trophies to kids who aren’t good at sports motivates them to keep coming back and try harder, constructive criticism is more effective. In the article, “ Losing Is Good for You,” Ashley Merryman states, “ By age 4 or 5, children aren’t fooled by all the trophies. They are surprisingly accurate in identifying who excels and who struggles. Those who are outperformed know it and give up, while those who do well feel cheated when they aren’t recognized for their accomplishments. They, too, may give up.” Kids that excel on their teams should receive rewards, whether its a trophy or verbal recognition, anything will help give proper motivation. Extra work should receive extra recognition. It’s not motivating to work hard, to be the best, only to have everyone get the same award. According to Lauren Tarshis in the article, “ Should everyone get a trophy?” she states, “ Trophies are not an effective way for coaches to motivate players. ‘Receiving a pat on the back, a thumbs up from the coach, any show of appreciation is what keeps kids coming back.’” Honest feedback from a coach can be more impactful than a generic trophy. Kids need guidance on how to get better and how to improve more than they need a false sense of accomplishment. In the end, the best players deserve the best

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