Reflective Essay: A Career As A Team Leader

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I am not surprised at the outcome of the assessment. This style of leading likes to obtain input from the team, they have an effective communication. This helps build self-confidence within the team as well as personally. With all the input from the team the leader will keep them informed on the progress, or any information about achieving the goal (Woodcock, 2001).
Participation leadership is a great leadership style that will allow the team and leader to grow and learn new traits and talents. It will provide a great sense of belonging as well as letting team member express their thoughts and ideas. I will need to be confident in knowing when it is time to listen to team members and when it is time to teach them showing them talent and
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Employees can work for a company for years without going outside of their box. They do the same tasks every day. With me I want people to be cross trained and understand why we do tasks the way we do (Linkerman 2009). I am a person that always wants to learn what is going on the next room and why. I am learning about myself in the same time helping people learn about their skills and what they are good at.
Career Path I have had plenty of time to think about my career and I have not up till a year ago thought about what I want or where I want to be. My first goal is to travel. I just moved from Colorado to Alabama and I plan on moving again. Right now I am focusing on school and saving money. When I do get to the state I want to live in I will put a plan into action. This will take around two years maybe sooner. Right now I am doing research on companies that may be a good fit for me. I have found a few and willing to relocate to them. I am looking for an entry level management position either in a warehouse of food production or a general manager of a restaurant. Either type of work will allow me to grow into a great leader. I will also be able to show my skills of helping people grow and guiding them to where they want to

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