Style Of Parenting

The style of parenting that parents choose has an effect on their children’s happiness and relationship with their guardians . The style of parenting also has an effect on the emotional development and the social development of their children. When the wrong parenting style is chosen, the behavior of their children will change. Providing enough support and encouragement is very important when raising children, however, it is also important that children have boundaries set for them.
My parents have chosen to provide me with emotional support but have also chosen to set many boundaries for me. Since my parents have chosen to set many boundaries and rules for me, I am in a situation that I feel is unfair and confusing. When it comes to punishments,
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Many different sources came up but while searching through most of them, I found that most of the articles were about parenting children with disabilities. After finding those articles, I switched the key word “best” with “traits”. I then found many sources on traits of children with different kinds of parents. I also used the keyword “effect” to find sources on the effect parents have on children. During the search for sources, I came across a few problems. When searching for sources from a database, many different sources came up. Having to go through many pages of sources was very frustrating and it was hard having to try different keywords.The success that I had from my research came from mostly online resources. It was hard to find good credible online sources but after learning how to find reliable sources, it became easier.
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For example, comforting children, giving attention to them,and being aware of their feelings can help with children 's communication skills, and it will help them to be cooperative with others. Research has shown that “being physically present is not enough. Parents that may be nearby but that are not emotionally invested or responsive tend to raise children that are more distressed and less engaged with their play or activities” (Murphy). The reason for this may be that the children feel alone or unimportant. An important job for parents is to care for their children but if “they do not invest enough of their time and commitment into pouring emotionally into their child, the child will struggle to learn how to regulate his emotions and interact with others appropriately" (Murphy). If children struggle to learn these skills, the children will have trouble in school and will fail to act appropriately especially when making friends. When children do receive the correct amount of support and attention, they will succeed when forming relationships with peers because their parents will have taught them how to express care for others. Therefore, children with parents who are emotionally supportive are more likely to be well adjusted than those with parents who are

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