Parenting Is Tough For Children Essay

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When I was a young child, growing up was different from most kids around me, I definitely didn’t have it easy, but then again no one does. Being the first child confused my parents, they didn’t know what they should or shouldn’t let me do. This influenced my parents to not let me have as much freedom as most kids around me. Decisions were always made by your parents, the way you grow up is mostly defined by your parents. Will they overprotect the first child and spoil the second? Will they force you to play an instrument and not let you attend a sleepover (source 1). These are all questions parents will consider as their child grows up. “Parenting is tough work,” (source 4) (not that I know what it’s like) the way you go about parenting can change the outcome of your child, what once could have been a prodigy playing at Carnegie Hall is now a bum, working cashier at McDonald’s using their pay-check to buy drugs, and it was all because you let him go play outside with his friends instead of make them do their math homework. When raising children there are many things to worry, think, and reflect upon; do you want to make them suffer now or later and how strict will you be. Are you raising them up for your benefits and to look well within the community or because you actually care.
Everyone knows that one family that has the kid who flunked and dropped out of high-school. Nobody wants to be known as that family. The real question then, is if you’re raising the child just to…

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