Parenthood : A Public Health Service Essay

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The issues on abortion, Planned Parenthood activities, and their role in fetal tissue research has led to many controversial debates against supporting the Planned Parenthood organization. There has been ongoing disagreements between the Republicans and Democrats in congress, on the issue of funding Planned Parenthood. Republicans have always strongly show that they are against abortion. Republicans associate Planned Parenthood as an organization that supports abortions and encourages young people to use abortion as a way to deal with unwanted pregnancies. Whereas, Democrats have been supportive in funding the organization. Democrats see the organization as a public health service. Planned Parenthood have provided more than just abortion services. The organization have continue to provide education on healthy sex choices, health screenings, and contraception. Planned Parenthood maintains its’ success in providing beneficial services for women. If the organization is defunded, the right of having the service for lower incomes will be taken away. Therefore, congress should not push for new laws of defunding Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood aids towards women and men who are low income. Those who are from low income cannot access health services and information on sex education easily. For this purpose, the organization was built to cater to those who are in need of reproductive services but are not financially stable to do so. Many of services that low incomes are…

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