Paragraph On Neglect Children

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Neglecting a child Children are neglected every day. Some are beaten just because they didn’t do what was ask of them. Others are neglected because they are small and don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing. There are so many children all over the world that are neglected every day. Many of these children grow up to be better parents or just simple stronger than their Neglector, other however grow up to become a neglector themselves. Most cases of neglect go unnoticed until the later stages when the damage has already been done. (Page 1) People who neglect children do not think about the effects it has on the child. Many times when a person mistreats a child they have been through something almost just like that in their past. …show more content…
They may hate their homes or job. They often do not like their appearance but feel as if they cannot change it. This is the cause of taking it out on their children. This is their way to better themselves because they start to believe in their minds that they are better than the people around them. They often would rather stay at home then go out because the less people they come across with the better they feel about themselves. Another reason may be because they want to fell in control. If they have an over bearing boss or coworker, that they can not do anything about they will hurt their children because that is a way they feel powerful. They long to be loved and wanted so to get the comfort they seek this mean lifting themselves up by putting people they can control down. This many time just happens by them talking to their children in a mean way. This often goes on for a long time before anyone knows about it because the child is too afraid to tell anyone, because they fell they will be punished. The effects most of the time are harmful on a child being neglected. Most parents and other adults that neglect a child are on some kind of drug or just simply do not have a sound mind. They often do not think about the emotional as well as the physical effects it has on a child. A child that is neglected at an early most likely have a very hard time at trusting anyone else in their life.

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