An Essay On Ekram Alomar's Life

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My mother is an ordinary middle-eastern woman like any other women born in the 20th century. She is a glorious rare woman. She is as strong, loyal, and magnanimous as the sun. She could be as fast as a blink of an eye, and as kind and tender as the warm rain, and as steady as the irreducible earth underneath us. She devoted herself and her time to her Husband, and raised her four children. Her life wasn’t an easy one. She works hard to support her family. I learned from her how to understand life and live with what life offers me. My mother taught and educated lots of students in her life by giving them education and teaching them to be better citizens, she has always had faith in what she got, and she never gives up by fighting all the obstacles to protect her family.
On the first day of November in 1966, Ekram Alomar was born in the old fashioned town in Basrah, Iraq.There she was raised and grew all her life along with her five sisters and three brothers. Ekram’s family was big, and it
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They married and had four children. My mom was a teacher and my dad was an engineer. In Iraq they get paid a good amount of money. Things in Iraq didn’t work well. Iraq had war. The country was very dangerous. Ekram didn’t really care about her job and her career all she cared about was to save her husband’s life and her children. In the interview with Omar he said that she came to me and told me that we should go to another country. She didn’t care about the money we get paid, all she cared about was me and her children (Omar). In 2006, people in Iraq started to kill each other because of names. My father’s name was Omar and that name was unwanted in Iraq. Ekram was worried about her husband’s life. She tried her best to do what she can to protect them.” That day I was so sad, but something inside me was telling me to have faith in god. I had to leave all my relatives and my job, because I had something more important and valuable”

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