Parable Of The Sower By Octavia Butler Essay

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Explanatory Paragraph In the novel Parable of the Sower written by Octavia Butler, she shows that education is a key priority in life. Education is not just being book smart but it is also being educated in survival skills. In the narrative Octavia’s main character Lauren uses her knowledge to live a life that is extremely difficult. She educated herself with survival books about what wild plants that are safe to eat, what water is the drinkable, and how to use geography to an advantage. All these educational skills helped Lauren because when she fled her town it helped her survive in the tough environment she was in. Most people Lauren meets cannot read and write so she teaches them those skills which help her gain respect in her community. Having sharp skills like this can make you better as an individual and have people look up to you. Early in the story Lauren easily considered a parent because of her skills in hunting and reading and being the bravest out of them all. Education can be the most important thing in life or death situations. And every choice you make can change your life in a good or bad way forever.

Education Its time! Today I Max Campbell make my choice where I will want to go to college for the next 4 years. Looking back at my freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year I never thought that choosing what college I want to go to would be an option. My freshman year I was the kid who was known as the class clown and never took school seriously,…

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