Paper Books Vs. E Books

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Paper Books vs. E-Books
Taura Jones
Barton College
CIS 110 G

Do you like to read? Do you own a tablet, iPad, or kindle? Do you prefer paper books or e-books? Basically, the two formats are very similar. They both allow you to do the most important thing, which is read a book. The text is the important thing, not the method in which one reads. Many people like to read because reading takes them to places they would never be able to go to, and to explore different lifestyles. It helps one look at some problems differently then they normally would as they may have read something on it. They keep one company when sitting at home alone. The character 's come to life in a good written book. Reading also helps with vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension. Paper books could be the best way to please readers.
E-books aren’t 100 percent reliable. They could have technical difficulties and/or crash. If this happens then you may not have the knowledge to fix it and would lose all of the books that you had stored on the electronic device. The device used to read the e-book could cut off while you’re in the middle of reading a good book. You have to charge the device that your e-book is on. The device used to read the e-book may be hard to read in sunlight. People who aren’t technology savvy probably would not know how to use an e-book; therefore they wouldn’t want to use e-books. Looking at an electronic device for long periods of time could lead to vision problem in the future.…

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