Pak Nsave Case Study

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Management can find valuable data in their firm 's own internal records to help with their marketing decision. Typical sources of internal are sales records, financial statements and marketing cost analysis. Marketers analyse sales performance records to gain an overall view of company efficiency to find clues to potential problems. (Louis E, Boone, David L. Kurtz, (2015).
Marketers can analyse sales performance records to gain an overview of company efficiency and to find clues to potential problems. Prepared from company invoices or a computer database system, this analysis can provide important details to management. The study typically compares actual and expected sales based on a detailed sales forecast by territory, product customer
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Therefore, we try to define the “ideal buyer”. Segmentation models are worked around demographics (age, income, sexual orientation, lifestyle), psychographics (way of life, identity). Geography (city). Demographic division is the place a business sector analysed and divided into groups based on demographics factors. I think that Pak’nsave should continue to target both children and adults and meet the needs of all the different ages. Pak’nsave products are rightfully designed to appeal to both males and females. The customers income and total assets are common attributes in segmentation models. I think pak’nsave should also continue to position themselves as low income administration they are known for. So they can continue to appeal to the lower income groups and those across all incomes who seek bargains (the “mercenaries” in 2.3). Psychographic approach for Pak’nsave should be used in their market segmenting. Lifestyle, state of mind, values, and brand loyalty are essential when segmenting the market as this can enable the organisation to reach the target customers in the market. People of various interests may tend to have different tastes and preferences on the product. Then the company can provide great a great variety of products to the customers so that everyone is able to purchase all the products they

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