Overall Diet Assessment: What Affects My Food Choices

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Overall Diet assessment
Before starting this class I had a preconceived notion as to what nutrition was. After doing the first assignment and breaking open the text I began to realize I didn’t know nearly what I thought I did. Once we began to keep track of our food intake and a real analysis of what you ate, things started to makes so much sense. You don’t realize how important nutrition and overall health is to one’s everyday life. The choices we make today can come back to either reward or haunt you for the rest of your time here on earth. This class should be a required course for everyone not just people starting a health care profession but I mean everyone, after all what’s more important than your health. What Affects My Food Choices
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Sociological: I live with two other people, that at times can have different eating habits then I do. The problem comes into play when you want to eat one way and your room-mates or significant other doesn’t. The challenge of this problem can be a hindrance to overall health unless you have the discipline and the will to make those tough choices.
3. Psychological: This is a big one for me. The amount of stress that comes with school and balancing the time to eat and live a healthy lifestyle is hard. Food makes you feel better, that’s what the name comfort food implies. The problem this goes against the grain as to what you should do. The physical activities are practically non-existent while attending school and this contributes directly to weight gain, stress, and an overall bad feeling in general. I am working on this issue and fight back to regain some control in my
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The GB Health Watch website is an excellent and powerful tool. You can use it to modify or completely change your eating habits. The bottom line for me is this, eat more fruits and vegetables. I need to eat some sea food and not just chicken as my main source of protein. I have added oatmeal as a staple to my diet after reading the direct correlation it has on diabetes. Other areas of diet must be portion size, after watching the Ted X video on living longer and the connection to portion size of some of the longest living people, I too want to add this to my overall diet plan. I must say I struggled to get my scores in the ranges you requested. I noticed that you must have a balance in order to achieve an overall high score, if lacking even in one area you could lose points by effecting the overall balance of health score. The change in score must reflect on what we have been learning all this time, the key being “find your balance” and what works for you. We are all different and what works for some doesn’t necessarily equate to everyone. What I have taken form these analysis have been life changing to say the least. Thank

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