Essay on Outline Of A Personal Health Plan

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To initiate a personal health plan, you must first establish apparent goals and have arrived at a realization that it is aspects in your life that need improvement. The realization for me came in the form of a mild heart attack I suffered in two thousand and nine. So I have formulated a plan to get certain aspects of my life under control before I am faced with irreversible consequences. My identified target health issues which I have struggled with my entire life contribute to one another; the social isolation ties into the depression which inadvertently causes the obesity. But it wasn’t until recently that I discovered that there are several areas that contribute to my overall health and wellbeing. However, for this plan in particular I’m going to focus on the physical, emotional, and social areas for the time being and branch out from there.
So the first area I want to explore is my social health being that social relationships - both quantity and quality - affect mental health, health behavior, physical health, and mortality risk. (Montez, 2011) I always thought that I was in excellent social health being I never had an issue with creating and maintaining friendly relationships. Although it wasn’t until recently that I began to notice that I have been isolating myself from the outside world. I work from home, attend school from home, rarely make time for preexisting friends, relocated thousands of miles from the majority of my family, and I’m warding off romantic…

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