Outline Events For Diversity Module Essays

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Outline 9 Events for Diversity Module

1. Gaining attention
a. Module begins with diverse people faces showing on the computer screen
b. The words Diversity Training appears at the top of the screen
c. Module continues with showing different languages saying hello
d. Screen prompts students to enter their name and employee number
e. Record name and employee number and track each screen student completes in case they end the session before completing the training module
f. Welcome message is provide to participants
g. Students are prompt to answer 10 question about race
i. Race questions are asked in multiple choices ii. Allow students to answer all 10 questions iii. Provide the score and the answers to each question iv. Test will be based on a 100%
h. Provide the scores and answers to each question

2. Informing the learner of the objective
a. Chief Diversity Officer shares with the student the learning objectives through audio message or video to participants
i. The objective is to increase participants knowledge on the subject of diversity and inclusion
1. Topics to be discussed are:
a. Diversity
b. Racial incidents on college campuses
c. Dimensions of Diversity
d. Stereotypes
e. Cultural Competence
f. Civility
g. Q/A 3. Stimulating recall of prior knowledge
a. Ask students to define diversity and how does it apply to them
b. Ask students to define inclusion and how does it apply to them

4. Presenting information
a. Inform the purpose of the…

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