Outer Rim By Junot Diaz And Toiya Finley

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CLEITHROPHOBIA; the fear of being trapped or locked in an enclosed space.
The world has numerous patterns that have been behaving in cycles for the lifespan of the Earth itself. However, the affect that humans and our activities on Earth have had on these cycles has been detrimental. The long-lasting cycles are now varying wildly and causing many things to be unpredictable. The warming and cooling cycles have been thrown off by an array of factors like CO2 concentration, loss of arctic ice sheets, and the use of resources like fossil fuels, trees, and water. Authors Junot Diaz and Toiya Finley are very cognizant of these arising issues and have both penned numerous futuristic tales that outline some of the reasonable consequences that could
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The family is physically trapped, like the narrator and the Haitians are in “Monstro”, but due to the fear of spread of diseases, not for the physical boundaries of residing on the island of Hispaniola. The fear of being trapped in the hospital until their due demise has the people ready to make a move for …show more content…
Those trapped innately crave it, crave for the sweet taste of pure freedom. The people in “Outer Rim” are willing to fight, to be maimed, and to put the rest of society at risk of infection to get their bite. “Monstro” and “Outer Rim” are different though in these regards. The people in “Outer Rim” want to get away from each other, to get out of the hospital and live out the rest of their lives. On the other hand, the infected Haitians, with help from the neurotoxin, cannot be away from each other and want to be with those that share the frightening disease. The hordes of the blood thirsty “Possessed” forced the United States military to enforce a complete quarantine of Haiti (Monstro, 13). The people in both stories basically become outcasts, people that nobody cared if they died, if others are not infected by them. The doctors, swearing to the Hippocratic Oath, want to help everyone that they possible can, but outside forces like the government can force them to pack it up and take the loss with the thought that “they’re hoping… it’ll be the end of the disease. It’s spreading too quickly in this heat-…With everybody evacuation, they’re assuming everyone who’s infected is here…or dead already (Outer Rim,

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