Global Warming: The Cause Of Water In The Third World

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Temperatures in 2015 were higher than have ever been recorded. Carbon Dioxide emissions, fossil fuels burning, and deforestation have caused 2015 to be the hottest year ever recorded. The rise in heat has caused water in third world countries to become scarce and wars to occur. Global warming is a colossal issue that affects the environment, the world, and mankind, and if it is not stopped soon, the results on the Earth could be disastrous. Global Warming has put an enormous “carbon footprint” on Earth, although some scientists, such as Nordhaus, says to not worry too much about it because our temperatures have been stable for nearly 10 years. Carbon Dioxide has been released more as we burn fossil fuels and gasses along with clearing land. Most outcomes from …show more content…
There are complications with biofuels that some are trying to implement to save us from global warming, though it fails. Biofuels were designed to absorb a lot of the Carbon Dioxide and it was proven that it would take around 500 years to make any difference. Biofuels take up farmlands that are for food, which have to be watered too often. Water scarcity is an issue around the world that is especially hard for third world countries. In some countries, waterways are becoming scarcer than they are in the United States; in fact they are so scarce that cities and countries are going to war over a waterway for drinking water. Without drinking water a city could sure die soon, just like with the quicker spread of diseases. Diseases, such as Malaria and Dengue Fever are going to spread faster with the heat level rising, which means more of the population dead. Even things as minor as allergies will be increased when more pollen is produced, because Carbon Dioxide levels have made plants increase the levels of pollen

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