Our Worldview And What Worldview Means Essay

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In this life, we as humans have always been fascinated with questions; questions about our place in this world, questions about where we come from, questions about what happens next. However, most begin to wonder if we are we asking the right questions. What are the reasons behind asking such questions? Is it to try and find a conclusion? Is it to broaden our thinking? To discover our reasoning, we sometimes have to evaluate the make up of our worldview and what worldview means to us.
As for Worldview, it is defined as a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. Because we are humans with great diversity, there are many different worldviews. Worldviews can be shaped by environment, childhood, and perception of reality. Our worldview can consist of many belief systems such as religion and politics, as well as personal views concerning love, life, and relationship. Some may argue that there are right and wrong worldviews. However, I imagine that it is not as simple as right or wrong, but more about differences in the way we think.
As a child we grow and become familiar with the world. Most of our worldviews begin to take shape at an early age by what we are exposed and subjected to while we are young. Our environment, as well as home life, introduces us to relationships, discrimination, and molds the generalizations we make about we think we understand and believe. We replace the experiences and memories with abstract ideas and understanding while forming…

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