Our Modern World Is Changing Essay example

754 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
A poet by the name of Barry Mowles once said, “Our modern world is changing, and everyone is busy blaming the youth of today; But how can we blame the future, when it was us who made their world this way.” If you can describe this generation in one word, what would it be? Self-absorbed? Reckless? Or maybe even chaos. It’s time to make a change in this generation today and it all starts with “us”. I cannot say this generation doesn’t hold any good values; however, their negative qualities override them in both society and nature. We are blinded by our actions to see the major issues that corrupted our generation, but in the eyes of others our mistakes are visible. In this generation, today we are lacking solutions to our problems that’s effecting our generation greatly which are peer pressure, technology and mannerism. Teenagers nowadays just have the mindset for one thing, “the need to fit in.” From smoking pot to having fornication and even stepping up to a higher level by committing a felony; all this occur just by one of our main issue youngsters face today, peer pressure. Don’t get me wrong, peer pressure can happen to just anyone, but it’s mainly found among us. “Have you ever heard of the phrase what monkey see monkey do?” We as teenagers believe that in order to fit in this society today we must follow our peers’ actions, so that one may not feel excluded within the group. Sometimes peer pressure isn’t about only fitting in, but to relief stress as well. Adolescents…

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