Essay on Our Favorite Subjects Were Literature And Geography

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Our favorite subjects were Literature and Geography. Leo liked to read stories written by the early Spanish settlers. I liked American poetry and novels. Grandfather liked to discuss his uncles and father. They had been farmers during the Great Depression. He said, “When I was a boy, I used to feel trapped on the farm. When Grandpa sensed my unrest, he talked about Lincoln, a prairie farm boy. He became president through self-education. He learned to use farm tools, but education saved him from a life of poverty. Even though he left the farm, his hands carried the scars of a prairie farmer.” Grandfather told me that I could learn from the lives of those who survived the Great Depression. “You should learn about the dust bowl and how FDR saved the land. Saving farmers saved the country. Don’t be afraid to teach the Great Depression, he’d say and tell one of his childhood stories. They developed my interest in the thirties because his parents survived by living off the land. He encouraged Leo and me to camp and learn about the outdoors. Leo and I liked to hike, camp, and fish. Our favorite thing was to park at the harbor and listen to the waves, the creaking of the anchor cables, and Jerry Coleman calling the Padre’s ball game. Something about the ocean and boats drew us to the harbor. For those to whom it called, the harbor was like baseball; it reeked of history and possibility. We spent the night before we left for college at the harbor. After graduating with our…

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