Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion Essay

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The World Health Organization (2016) encompasses the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion which identifies specific health promotion actions to work towards achieving health for all. These actions may be in the form of public health, healthy living seminars, or health promotion events such as, “Age is an Asset”, which is a program for adults over the age of 55 re-entering the workforce. For a variety of reasons, an individual over the age of 55 may be required to re-enter the workforce. These reasons may be related to monetary, social assistance matters, or the individual may have an entrepreneurial drive to gain new skills. This scholarly paper will discuss the importance of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, portions of the Epp Framework (1986), implications of the attended health promotion event, a review and analysis of related articles and websites, and include a description of the professional application of health promotion in the community.
Analysis of Health Promotion
Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion
The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was developed in November 1986 in hopes of eventually achieving health for all. The charter outlines multiple expectations in order to provide adequate health promotion. The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) identifies health promotion as enabling people to have control over and improve their physical, mental and social well-being. There are five actions for health promotion which include, develop personal…

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