Case Study Of Osgood Brewing

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To ensure the highest quality of products and customer service, Osgood Brewing should allow me to do an analysis on the current working conditions and the customer base. The information found will contribute to a customer service training program that will allow the business to be more successful.

Purpose and Scope
Osgood Brewing, a new business in the Grandville, Michigan area, has seen a decrease in customer return rate and sales over the last two years due to a lack of customer service skills from all employees and the lack of a discipline program with management. The purpose of this research is to decided what information needs to be included in the training program for Osgood Brewing.

This report will cover the following
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Customers keep the restaurants open and without them and their input, many businesses close. Customers from this area (Grandville, Michigan), have very high expectations of local businesses and expect the same service and consistency as chains or major corporations. In this section, I will discuss knowledge of clientele, reaction times, management training, front of house training, back of house training, increase in sales, and important marketing techniques.

Knowledge of Clientele
To have a successful restaurant in the Grandville, Michigan area, knowing the customer expectations in crucial. This area’s clientele ranges from very young adults, many families, and older adults who are not used to local restaurants. They expect food and beverages to be reasonably priced out and have to get a good amount of product for the amount of money spent. To learn more about the customers, management must make brief stops at all tables to get customer feedback (Thompson,
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The best way of motivating in the restaurant industry is to lead by example, which in this case involves the management team to readily prepared and properly trained. The management training portion will include at least the following: Food and alcohol training through the Michigan Restaurant Association, knowledge of quality products, communication techniques for staff and customers, and sternness with the discipline program.

According to, one of the best known food blogs in the United States, restaurants will fail if management does not chart out what really needs to happen to create a solid service program. Author Brook Burton, Los Angeles based restaurant professional and hospitality expert recommends the following ten things to do if management wants to improve customer service:
1. Know what great service actually looks like and record it.
2. Get the team all of the tools they need to be successful.
3. Do not take the easy way out – There are no fast fixes.
4. Teach and preach great service every day to all employees.
5. Hire people who have a passion for hospitality.
6. Write out expectations for every position in the restaurant, that way there is no confusion about what they need to be doing or what needs to get done.
7. Give great service to your staff and they will do the same to their

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