Organizational Leadership And Management Theories Essay

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As the face of the workforce continues to change in the United States the organizational theories to manage the new generation of employees has not adapted to the current culture. When addressing organizational leadership and management most theories such as trait theories, Lewin’s leadership behavior, contingency theories by House and Fiedler, and French and Raven’s Five Forms of Power Center these theories center on altering or adding to the heads of departments or groups. Modern or contemporary organizations are changing and the organization theories are modifying their approaches (Rousseau, M., 1997). The multi-generations working together at companies and organizations continues to be an interest in organizational behavior management, organizational leadership, human resources and business administration departments, because the motivation of employees differ based on their generational category.
Statement of Problem
The current working generation nicknamed ‘Millennials’ born roughly between 1980 –2000 or those who reached adulthood (e.g. 18 years of age) by the year 2000 will soon dominate the makeup of the workforce (Dickinson, A. M., & Poling, A. D., 1996). Currently Millennials make up 26 percent of the workforce and in 2026 will make up over 50 percent of the workforce (Dickinson, A. M., & Poling, A. D., 1996). The generational makeup of companies has changed and researchers are studying the current and future effects of such a change.
The Millennials have proven…

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