Organizational Development And Culture Of An Organization Essay

1218 Words Nov 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Learning about the organizational development and culture of an organization has been very interesting. Before coming to college, I decided that I wanted to become and I/O Psychologist, but never knew where I would start. I never knew that Organizational Development was offered as a course here at the University. Once I found out, I had to enroll. Enrolling in this course has taught me a lot and made all the difference. Learning about the organizational structure and culture of an organization has been enlightening. Before this class I never thought about learning the culture of a business. I only thought of culture existing between people from different places and ethnicities. The culture of a business is abstract, it’s what makes the company unique and different from another. Culture deals with how an organization operates and handles its employees. The culture of a business includes the rules and regulations, and goals of the company. The culture of an organization can change tremendously over time and change is necessary for the company to grow.
Creating a concrete definition for culture can be very difficult. Before reading I never paid attention to the many different cultures that exist within companies. I have always thought of cultures only existing between groups of people who live within a common area. However, culture exists in many different places and not just between people. Each company that I 've been employed at has displayed a different culture and the…

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