Organizational Culture And Its Culture Essay

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Organisational culture is considered to be a set of shared beliefs held by members of an organisation that influences the way they perform at work (Ravasi and Schultz, 2006). When it comes to change, it is assumed that organisational culture can transform quickly and easily within most companies. However, this is not the case. Once established, a strong and stable culture can be very difficult and complex to change.
Organisational culture is important because it can create a sense of identity throughout the company and also on the individual level for employees. It will unite employees from different backgrounds and bring them to a common ground, as well as creating a sense of direction and belonging. The organisation and its culture are dependent on each other; the way the organisation has been built over time influenced its culture and vice versa. The culture of an organisation deeply reflects its held beliefs and values, and changing that culture can spark questions and create doubt about everything the organisation has built itself up to be. Changing a culture is also a very long and complex process.
Culture is often inflexible when it comes to growth and change because it can be resistant to new situations and diversity. This can occur when an organisation does not take the time to explore options outside of the already established culture because they are striving for unanimity, thereby reducing innovation (Janis, 1972). Mergers and acquisitions are also frequent…

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