Organizational Culture And Cultural Culture Essay

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I chose Organizational Culture to do research and write in the major paper. I want to understand about the organization culture including the relationship between organizational culture and communication, and organizational culture and misunderstandings. In my major paper, I will interview Mrs. Ha Tran, the Finance Manager of Ho Tram Project (HTP) Company and Mr. Binh Ngo, Human Resources Manager of HTP Company, and I used reliable databases- ProQuest, Google Scholar, and the text book to support my arguments. I want to show you my thought and how can I apply the theory to solve the misunderstanding problem of the different cultures in different organizations.
Organizational culture is defined as a system where members share values, beliefs, and attitudes (Schein, 2010). To be more specific and understandable, Schein (2010) divided organizational culture into three levels. The first level refers to visible level, which means the “the physical layout” of working environment including dress codes, attitudes, and behaviors are able to observe. Next, “the espoused values”, which are related to operating values of an organization such as company’s products quality and how a company value it customers, unable to observe as physical behaviors. Lastly, “the essence of culture” is identified to share and learn values, beliefs, and assumptions so that cultures are taken accurately. According to Mrs. Ha (2016), organizational culture refers to the mindsets and behaviors that members in…

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