Organizational Culture Alive Involves Enhancing The Current Recruitment And Training Development Areas Of The Human Resource Systems

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Keeping a strong and productive organizational culture alive involves enhancing the current recruitment and training development areas of the Human Resource systems in place. From CIBC’s HR corporate annual meeting the two takeaways for immediate improvements were; Turnover percentage was at 52% and increased from last year by 5%, the corporate goal is to bring this down below 30% within two years. Consequently 40% of the current employees did not meet required competency and skill levels required to align with the business goals, the corporate goal is to be at 10% within two years.
Looking at our current recruitment process we have a strong interview questionnaire that measures each candidate 's strengths for the role that they are applying for, in addition to this process is a panel of 3 senior level management members that all have to say yes in order for the candidate to be hired. Unfortunately the time invested in the process for selecting the senior management to attend the panel interview has not been analyzed. When asked for feedback from the senior level management they expressed that some were new in their roles or have not assisted in a panel interview for months and lacked the technical skills required. It is important to note that recruiter habits may perpetuate past mistakes therefore this is a key component to address immediately.
In order to address the senior management 's concerns the HR department can improve their Techniques for Interviewing by…

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