Organizational Communication : An Organization Essay

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Organizational communication plays a significant role in our organization. Because the corporate contributors incorporation is various cultural, ethnic, religious, and educational backgrounds, communication among the organizational members can become tremendously complex and unproductive, which usually leads to a failure in productivity, organizational conflicts, and employee disappointment. Therefore, the time has come to improve basic communication by applying a new communication structure. Trenholm (2011) writes that “When communication succeeds, the organization is likely to be effective and efficient, and workers satisfied and dedicated.
When it fails, both the group and its diverse followers suffer” (p. 202). Although most of the employees exhibition acceptable communication skill while interactive with one other and with the organization’s leaders, all organizational members will benefit from an improved communication structure outlined in this proposal. The quality of organizational communication is very significant in an organization. It is mainly through communication that the organizational members accomplish organizational responsibilities to meet the administration’s objectives. The excellence of our current communication system is insufficient due to the organizational members frequent abuse of informal communication, unwillingness to deliver a response to the organization, and inability to manage and resolve organizational conflicts.
The organizational…

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