Essay on Organizational Behavior- Conflict Management

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“Why Conflict is Good-Stop Avoiding It!”
To Study the positive aspect of organizational conflicts

When we think of the word “conflict,” do we generally picture shouting matches, anger, icy stares, or nerve-shattering stressful confrontations? Workplace issues that generates frequent expressions of emotion, frustration and anger is conflict. But not all conflict is bad! Conflict is always difficult, but it leads to growth and change, which is good. No one likes pain, but pain wakes you up and tells you when to react. This paper explores the two view of conflicts in organization, Good or Bad and is emphasized on the positive aspects of conflicts. Some level of organizational conflict is actually desirable — it’s not
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Problems arise when we do not realize that this way of looking at organizations and conflict only fits organizations that work in routine ways where innovation and change are virtually eliminated.

The Good
The functional view of organizational conflict sees conflict as a productive force, one that can stimulate members of the organization to increase their knowledge and skills, and their contribution to organizational innovation and productivity. Unlike the position mentioned above, this more modern approach considers that the keys to organization success lie not in structure, clarity and orderliness, but in creativity, responsiveness and adaptability. The successful organization, then, NEEDS conflict so that diverging views can be put on the table, and new ways of doing things can be created.

How can conflict be good for an organization?

Conflict, while often avoided, is not necessarily bad. In fact, conflict can be good for organizations because it encourages open-mindedness and helps avoid the tendency toward group think that many organizations fall prey to. The key is learning how to manage conflict effectively so that it can serve as a catalyst, rather than a hindrance, to organizational improvement.

Conflict Encourages New Thinking
Although it is often assumed that people avoid conflict, many people actually enjoy conflict to a certain degree because it can

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