Essay about Organizational Assessment Of A Memorial Hospital

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Organizational Assessment
Marshal I. Pickens Hospital Background
Marshall I. Pickens Behavioral Health Hospital is a division of Greenville Memorial Hospital. The history of Greenville Memorial Hospital has a lengthy and influential history. Its essence was established on the foundations of being a nonprofit, patient centered, teaching and research facility dedicated to service (Centennial). At Marshall I. Pickens social workers aim to treat patients with mental disorders and any other comorbid diagnosis. The population in which the social workers serve ranges from adolescent to geriatric patients. Greenville Memorial Hospital also has a rehabilitation hospital known as Roger C. Peace. Marshall I. Pickens and Roger C. Peace both provide inpatient and outpatient services. As Marshall I. Pickens continues to expand its infrastructure their demand for services increase.
Interdisciplinary Team
An interdisciplinary team is a group of healthcare professionals who are engaged and supportive of the patient’s restoration. The team at Marshall I. Pickens is made up of a social worker, physician, nurse and medical technician. The role of the interdisciplinary team is to work cooperatively to provide discipline-specific assessments and interventions. The interdisciplinary team meets every morning in order to discuss their perspective of the patients’ prognosis in order to develop an effective action plan. Not only are social workers responsible for developing a proper action plan,…

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