Organization Is A Structured Group Of People Essay

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What is an organization? An organization is a structured group of people that are managed to attain certain goals. It can be understood from the definition that an organization has to be led or managed by a person or a group of persons. This highlights the importance of the role of a leader. An organization works by using the skill of the structured group of people to create products or services that could be used or profits or non-profits. The organization is managed using policies and strategies defined by the management to achieve the goals and visions. In the recent times, the global market scenario is ever changing and competition is rapidly increasing in all sectors. Increased competition is good for the consumer in many ways but may be not for many organization. Also newer technologies are creating ways of making better products or services available to the consumer at a much shorter and at a lower cost to the organization.
So how do organizations not only overcome but surpass these challenges? They adapt. In the current global scenario organizations have to constantly adapt to the new challenges. They can never use the same methods, strategies and technologies all the time. Rather they have to constantly adapt to new changes. Since the leaders manage the organization it can be said that it is the organizations success lies in their capabilities. They form a major part of the decision making which affects the goals, structure and vision which forms the foundation of…

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