Essay on Organisational Culture Cannot Be Managed

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Culture cannot be managed

Organisations do not form accidentally. It is the result of the belief that a group of individuals working together can accomplish the task that one individual cannot and the work can be done faster and more effectively. The process of organisational culture formation is first of all the process of creating a small group of individuals.

From the 1980s there was a great number of discussions of organisational culture as a "source of fresh air" and antidote to attributes of organisational life that merely focus on easily measurable variables. On symposium presented in 1988 at the Academy of Management Conference in Anaheim, California, culture was said to be ‘an important concept that needs long-term
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Therefore, as an unconscious phenomena, it can not be easily articulated. So in order to understand it, one has to be there and not rely on merely theoretical analysis of what is going on.

The significance of the effects that culture gives to the overall organisation activities suggests that it is critical to be analysed. Organizational culture is the basis that drives strategy and policy of every kind of organisation and portray the image of the company to the employees and the rest of the world. It is a glue that stick people together because employees associate themselves with the company rather then official position that they take or function that they do.

Another important reason for the need to understand it is that while recruting new stuff HR managers try to find those people who would ideally "fit" the existing culture. Since every organisation has different goals, needs and values and circumstances are always different, there is no "one size fit all" solution. The organisation has to understand how culture is created, embedded, evolved and then try to manipulate it (Schein 1985).

From the employees point of view it is also vital: culture gives them a guide to the work ethics, work environment and corporation policy. It is important for employee to perceive himself as a part of organisation. Appropriately managed culture create the good spirit

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