Argumentative Essay On Organic Foods

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The EPA defines organic foods as foods that are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. Pesticides are chemical substances that aid in the conservation of crop from insects, weeds, fungus, and/or other types of pest that might damage the crops (Curtis, 2006). As for organic meat, the label focuses on animals that have been rise on organic feed and free from growth hormones and antibiotics. Scientific America in their journal publication “Organic Farming” reported how profitable the organic label has become, with an average of $26.7 billion a year. People are aware that organic labeling on consumer products can potentially be healthier alternative to pesticides. Organic products can be healthier alternatives if …show more content…
Synthetic pesticides from data collected have found to be ecologically damaging and sometimes could hurt the crops. On the other hand while organic products will not use this products they still will not consider raise crops that are genetically modified organism (GMO’s), there are crops that will help the world because they have modified to withstand the hardships of nature and at the same time will be more nutritious since they carry more nutrients per unit than non-GMO’s. Since the crops of organic products do not accommodate for hardness of nature or even provide more nutrients, these makes the crop production less per unit than conventional. In fact it is estimated that organic farms produce 80% less per unit than convectional farms (Clay, 2014). In a broader sense without getting too much out of context, organic farming can be as a delicate of the people rich since in matters of feeding the world it can not compete with conventional farming. If farming would only consist of organic products then the world not be able to feed the 7 billion people on the planet. The relationship between pesticides and organic production crops is simple. Conventional farming has been so successful because at the end of the day it can provide food to a broader population and keeps the cost

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