Oral History Of Oral History Project Essay

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Oral History Project

Interviews aren’t overly interesting when you’ve known the interviewee for all your college and adult life. When you hang out with someone half of every single week you tend to learn a lot about them. Most of the questions I could think of I already knew the answer to and had for a couple of years. I planned and worked out a good thirty or forty questions but, again, most of them I could answer myself, since again we’ve known each other for such a long time. My planning and preparation, for the most part, didn’t really help me go through the interviewing process. Jenny was really excited to be interviewed because honestly, she likes to talk about herself which is great for interviews. But, she also gets too excited from time to time so she ended up forgetting a lot about herself and I ended up finishing a lot of her answers. Last Friday we had a Christmas party and that seemed like a convenient time to have an interview. We interviewed her at our friend’s house for about 30 minutes before our Christmas party. We all spend more time at this house than at any of our own so the interview was comfortable and upbeat. Last year we were roommates making this interview a walk in the park. If we could get along for four years and live together for one, a conversation would be simple. The conversation went as planned, I knew exact how the entire interview would work out since I’m so familiar with my interviewee. To us the interview was just another conversation…

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