Oracle Software Company Case Analysis

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Oracle it's an American global company for computer Technology Corporation, specialized in enterprise software products, developing and marketing computer hardware systems, in particular the data management system of its core brand.
In 2011 Oracle Software Company become as the second largest by revenue after Microsoft. It also builds tools for database systems and development as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and many other software systems.
Oracle is facing new challenges and means that Oracle had to fight to overcome rapidly evolving technology
My project concern about the competition between global companies in the field of enterprise software products, developing and marketing computer hardware systems,
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In his speech at Oracle OpenWorld in the conference, Oracle CEO took a blow to competitors like SAP and others say all are based on the Oracle database for their applications in the cloud. The research firm says that most enterprise software is always installed in place, the software-as-a-Service continues to suffer during rapid growth. The company says that the total market will be higher than it was
E: Real world situation engagement: this competition highlighted characteristics as follows:
Large numbers of people involved in this situation even who working in oracle.

Hard using the application since oracle it's been established in 1977 so people will think that oralec following the old systems fashion .. but they spend for development to make it better. this mess situation and cannot be controlled; that was the the first.

Second; the main problem of this messy situation the Prices Sub problems oracle started business with enterprises companies so the small companies will give them the same price.

Third; situationt cannot be controled this mess unless there is a kind of cooperation between all related parties, otherwise, problem will be there and cannot be
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the competition in the market of computer technology means to have competitors in the same filed which make it difficult to survive on the market. This stage shown in B-ball clearly in my previous section

Stage 3: Root definitions and Relevant Systems:
Main concern of oracle may know by root definitions.

Good sales working for the competition where they understand the weaknesses of the other competitors, helps oracle to control the competition in the market,

this will help to reduce the situation but sure will never help to stopped this competition, but when
Oracle recruited a good trained HR and good sales working for the competition where they understand the weaknesses of the other competitors it would lead to minimize the problem for sure. any other companies will fear from being engaged in a competition with oracle

CATWOE Checklist:

C: System Customers, in this situation customers are waiting for Oracle to provide them with what they are looking for in a satisfactory manner and finding ways of dissemination of advanced technologies in all facets of the world's largest organizations on how they work, plan and carry out the problems smoothly. They are directly effected by this

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