Essay on Operation Desert Storm Was Viewed By Military Strategists

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In response to the threat on American allies and partners in the regions of Iraq and Syria, the U.S. and over 60 nations and partner organizations created a U.S.-led global coalition, OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR), aimed at degrading and destroying threats posed by ISIL. Combat operations alone will not result in the degradation and destruction of ISIL. Operation Desert Storm was viewed by military strategists as the first of a new generation of conflicts where victory is no longer ensured only by physical force, but also by the ability to win the information war and to secure information dominance. Given the long-war aspect of irregular warfare, enhancing and strengthening information operations is the key to mission success and also poses the greatest challenge. This paper discusses the widespread web and social media campaign ISIL is using to attract, recruit, and spread their rhetoric. DoD and coalition partners must work together to identify new technologies and partners to offensively and defensively control the information and intelligence of the U.S. and coalition partners.

According to a Joint Force Quarterly article, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has declared an Islamic caliphate, and its strategic objective is to expand the borders and influence of that caliphate as far as possible, governing all its citizens under strict sharia law. In response to the threat on American allies and partners in this region, the U.S. and over 60…

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