Online Shopping Social Media Case Study

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4.1 Online shopping, social media
Jason needs to do some unusual things, and publicize it. Jason need a lot of people to know his product. When the business can appeal more and more people like it ,the business of Jason will success .Jason can use the radio, magazine readers, television, the local newspapers, though these ways the product can let a lot of people know and appeal them go to the shop to buy. Online shopping is another ways to promote the business cause nowadays more and more people like online shopping .It can appeal a lot of people to notice and buy.
Online shopping is also a fashion for the old people and the young people. It also a low-cost ways to promote the business. Jason can post his product on a lot of shopping website like alibaba cause people all
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More and more people in this society like relax.When people feel very tired they need a relax time to release the stress. Jason can use this point to hold some activities to let a lot of people know his product. Jason can hold some activities like rock-climbing, the conversation meeting, the shopping activity. For rock-climbing, the company’s employee can wearing the T-shirts that have a company’s name and logo. On the T-shirts can also display the image or some interesting things on it .No matter what Jason to do is through the activities of rock-climbing let more and more people know the product of company. For the conversation meeting, it need to invite people to come to the shop to talk about the details on every aspect. These people must include the customer and the people do the same industry. Though these conversation meetings can listen to the feedback from customer and also can study the experience from the peer. After the conversation meeting, Jason can combine these useful information to improve the situation. It is very important to know the marketing though the conversation meeting. Jason cannot just work by

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