Online Schooling Vs. Traditional Schooling Essay

962 Words Sep 11th, 2016 4 Pages
I was in a very interesting situation with high school. I was able to do high school in a traditional setting as well as online, and I did online schooling two different ways. Online and traditional schooling are both very good ways to learn, but not everything works for everyone. A lot of people like myself respond better to online schooling and for good reason. Online schooling is more ideal than traditional schooling because you get to work at your own pace, there are less distractions than a traditional school setting, it can be a lot more challenging than a traditional school, and I was able to be a lot more flexible with my time. When I was in 10th grade, I got mononucleosis, mono for short. Mono weakens the body and the immune system, and I really could not go to school without being about to collapse by lunch time. I had to do online schooling so I could get the rest that I needed to get better, while still being able to work on school and not get behind. With this in mind, I was really able to work at the pace that was set for me. I could get the rest that I needed, and then do my school work when I was able to. I was able to spend a lot of time on the subjects that needed a lot of my attention, like Math and Science, and I was able to go quickly on classes that were a lot easier for me. I did so well doing these classes online, my GPA skyrocketed, and my mom eventually lets me do online schooling full time. With this, I was able to focus on the subjects I…

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